Market Roundup: January 3 to January 7 2022

Happy New Year! Catch up with all the stocks making the biggest moves this week.
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Tesla Inc. ($TSLA)

Tesla’s stock had a heavy fall over the last seven days, dropping from its $1,190 highs over the festive period because of a record delivery report. However, since then Tesla’s stock after high market volatility hits many electric vehicle share prices. Tesla’s competition fears such a Rivian and Lucid Motors grow bigger as they plan to expand their production by building more factories across the globe in a bid to rival the automotive industry leader. A UK electric vehicle report has however said that Tesla is growing rapidly within the UK – in fact, Tesla vehicles now exceed 10% of the whole UK automotive market share. Tesla’s share price fell 14.4% ($172.82) over the past week and currently trades at $1,026.96.

Wise Plc. (£WISE)

Shares of Wise, the international money wire transfer company, has continued to fall this week. The company has been ever struggling after a court settlement bit at their finances, and it seems that overall optimism for the stock has been declining. The stock is now trading lower than its IPO in July after its price surged and has now fallen incrementally. There were also rumours that many people are selling their holdings and exiting the stock to invest in other companies that have seen a better financial period than Wise. Wise’s share price has fallen 12.5% (£0.96) over the last week and currently trades at 678.80 GBP.

Cineworld Plc. (£CINE)

Shares of this UK cinema chain has seen shares rise significantly this week as it recovers from its historic lows. The company announced that recently it has seen an unexpected surge in trading its stock. The theories are that many investors have been reassessing the future of Cineworld, and many are hopeful that the vaccines will allow cinema chains to reopen and generate a positive cash flow. If Cineworld is able to reduce its vast sums of debt, then maybe at some point in the future its shares could become a hot ticket once again. Plus, they even may be able to restore their dividend payouts. Cineworld’s stock prices rose 18.15% (£0.05) and closed the week at a figure of £0.3710.

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. ($SPCE)

The aeronautical engineering and future space tourism company’s stock has struggled again this week as optimism for the stock continues to decrease after last year it announced its commercial spaceflight program was delayed until late this year. Also, investors of Virgin Galactic have mounting fears over their competitors, as the space tourism industry starts to become crowded. Plus, one of Virgin Galactic’s main competitors, Blue Origin led by ex-Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, successfully launched six customers into space (including an ex-NFL star) into space, while Galactic’s tourist program spaceflight number is at a ghastly 1. Shares of Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. declined 7.64% ($1.03) and currently trades near its all-time low at $12.45

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. ($AMC)

Shares of yet another cinema chain has seen large stock value losses this week – AMC Entertainment. The stock drop comes after the Federal Commission continues to vow to further regulation on so-called ‘meme stocks’ – such as GameStop and AMC, who were targeted by Reddit group WallStreetBets. Further, a report by the Commission showed that they are looking at raising interest rates because of the higher inflation – which could impact many stock market portfolios over the US. Shares of AMC Entertainment shed 16.14% ($4.43) over the course of the week and now trades at $22.99 per share.

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