Top stocks to watch this week: 06/12/2021

These are our weekly picks for the top stocks to be watching over the week commencing 06/12/2021.
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Our top pick: Cloudflare

A company which is becoming increasingly important to the internet and the company only appears to be growing further, with expansion into new services.

Last month Cloudflare reported its Q3 2021 earnings report. Overall the results were quite strong. Some key figures include:

  • Revenue was up 51% year over year to $172.3 million.
  • Gross profit was $134.8 million, up from $87.2 million in Q3 2020.
  • Cloudflare predicts total revenue for Q4 to be $184.0 to $185.0 million and total revenue for the full fiscal year of 2021 to be $647.0 to $648.0 million.

Over the past month Cloudflare’s stock price is down around 19%, at around $159, but at its peak the price hit $217.25 last month. In general a lot of the market appears to be down currently, however, the current lower price of Cloudflare stock is very attractive.

The company overall has huge potential. It is expanding into new services in the future such as an alternative service to S3 from AWS (read about R2 from Cloudflare here) and the company is already quite important as it used by millions of websites around the world.


This company was also mentioned in our top stocks to watch in December 2021 article. For good reason also, over Black Friday $2.9 billion was spent on Shopify stores which is a 21% increase over Black Friday 2020.

Some key figures from Shopify’s Q3 2021 results:

  • $1,123.7 million in revenue, up 46% year over year.
  • Subscription Solutions revenue was $336.2 million, up 37% year over year.
  • As of September the 30th 2021, the company had $7.52 billion in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities.

Shopify is a very popular platform – many businesses small and large use the platform and the company continues to grow. Currently Shopify powers over 1.7 million businesses in more than 175 countries, with big brands such as Allbirds and Gymshark using the platform also.

Over the past month the Shopify stock is down by around 8.68%, at around $1,386. At its peak last month the stock reached $1,714.99.


There is no doubt that Netflix is hugely popular and probably has much more growth as a company to come.

Recently the company released a popular show called ‘Squid Game’, Netflix estimated the show will bring in around $900 million for the company. A second season for Squid Game has also been confirmed and will likely be just as popular.

Netflix may mostly be known for its large library of shows and its own Netflix Originals, but the company is also expanding into gaming, starting with mobile. It is yet to see how well this will turn out for Netflix as it is still early for the offering, but Netflix clearly can see the potential in gaming as other services such as Game Pass from Xbox have been hugely popular.

The company released its Q3 2021 earnings report in October which showed a 16.3% year on year growth for revenue. You can read more about Netflix’s Q3 2021 results here.

The Netflix stock price is currently down around 6.75% over the last month, at its peak last month the stock hit $691.69. It is currently at around $602.

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Cloudflare Inc. Earnings Report (Q3 2021)

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