Top stocks to watch this week: 08/11/2021

These are our weekly picks for the top stocks to be watching over the week commencing 08/11/2021.
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Stable stock picks

A well known and very well established company is our top stable stock pick for this week. It is well positioned for a strong comeback after some difficulties during the pandemic.

Walt Disney

This company is set to report its earnings for Q4 2021 on the 10th of November (2021). The company had some difficulties during the pandemic, especially around its parks, but Disney+ its streaming service will have no doubt benefitted.

However, it now seems Walt Disney will be coming back strong and it is very possible its Q4 results will show this. For that reason this is a great stock to be watching today on the run up to the earnings report and a great stock to be watching long into the future.


A mix of companies which all have potential this week. One stock has benefitted over the past year with the growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies, another got caught up in the ‘meme stock’ hype but now may be coming out the other end stronger and the other is quickly gaining traction in its industry.


There is no denying that the world of cryptocurrency has come a long way over this year. With some coins hitting all time highs and popularity surging, it is fair to say crypto is certainly on track to become even bigger. For many people Coinbase has been central to their cryptocurrency experience, offering a simple and easy way for experienced and new users to get started in buying, selling and holding cryptocurrencies.

Due to how popular crypto is becoming, this is only good news for Coinbase and while as a company they still have a long way to go, its possible that the recent crypto popularity may be reflected in their Q3 results.

Coinbase will report its Q3 earnings tomorrow (09/11/2021).

AMC Entertainment

This stock became a well known ‘meme stock’ alongside GameStop earlier this year and to many it remains a ‘meme stock’ even now.

The stock has had a crazy year, reaching some incredible highs and also having some pretty significant drops, all this making AMC Entertainment perhaps the most risky investment mentioned in this article. But all the ‘meme stock’ stuff aside, AMC Entertainment as a business will no doubt start seeing improvements soon, since movies in cinemas are now becoming more popular again and the quarterly results may reflect this return to popularity.

The company will report its earnings today (08/11/2021)


In 2020, revenue for this company grew by 47%, yet it still reported a net loss of $1.17 billion. So far in 2021 revenue has yet again increased by a similar percentage and the company still reports a net loss.

But all predictions suggest that Palantir will continue to grow its revenue over time and increase its client base which already serves many government agencies.

This Tuesday Palantir will be reporting its quarterly results, some are expecting improvements but some predictions hint at an expected decline in some results. Regardless, this company Is on track for a strong future long term.

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