Starling Bank launches its new Bills Manager feature

Starling Bank, a UK based challenger bank, has launched a new feature called Bills Manager.
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Starling Bank Bills Manager

The new Bills Manager feature allows customers to select ‘Spaces’ which direct debits will be paid from. Another UK challenger bank, Monzo, also offers a similar feature which allows customers to pay direct debits from ‘Pots’.

As of the time of writing this, once direct debits have been selected to be paid from a Space, only money in the Space will go towards paying the direct debit. Unlike the similar offering from Monzo, Starling’s Bills Manager will not take funds from the main balance, meaning if a Space does not have enough funds to pay a bill the payment will be declined.

However, Starling will send multiple notifications informing a customer there is not enough money in a Space to pay a direct debit. The customer then has until 4pm the day of the payment to move money into the Space otherwise it will be declined.

It is possible for customers to setup automatic transfers to a Space to help ensure there is always enough money in the Space to pay reccuring direct debits – the Starling app will also show an estimated monthly total.

Starling Bank CEO, Anne Boden has said:

“Our customers asked for this feature and therefore we created it. Enabling them to better manage their money is our number one goal.”

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