Alphabet Inc. Earnings Report (Q3 2021)

Alphabet has released its Q3 2021 results. Overall they are very strong with a great long term outlook.
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The reported results from Alphabet’s Q3 2021 earnings report has exceeded what most analysts predicted in most areas.

  • Revenue for Q3 came in at around $65.12 billion which is a 41% increase year on year.
  • Operating income for Q3 was around $21 billion with an operating margin of 32%.
  • Net income for Q3 was around $18.9 billion.
  • YouTube ad revenue was around $7.2 billion, up from $5.04 billion a year ago.
  • Google Cloud revenue was around $4.9 billion, up from around $3.4 billion a year ago.
  • Revenue from ‘Other Bets’ was $182 million, up from $178 million a year ago.
  • Overall the advertising revenue from Google has increased to $53.13 billion, up 43%.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, said:

“Five years ago, I laid out our vision to become an AI-first company. This quarter’s results show how our investments there are enabling us to build more helpful products for people and our partners. Ongoing improvements to Search, and the new Pixel 6, are great examples. And as the digital transformation and shift to hybrid work continue, our Cloud services are helping organizations collaborate and stay secure.”

Overall the results from the Q3 2021 report for Alphabet were strong, with revenue increases across the board. Over the last year, Alphabet stock has gained around 1,413.55% and 7.65% over the last month.

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