Top stocks to watch this week: 25/10/2021

These are our weekly picks for stocks to be watching over the week commencing 25/10/2021.
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This company is one which is quite well known in the social media world, is showing no signs of slowing down and is gaining interest from other larger companies.


In Q1 Pinterest reported a 78% increase in revenue and 30% growth in monthly active users year over year to 478 million users.

There is no doubt Pinterest is popular and still has much space to grow. Recently Pinterest has gained attention from PayPal, who would like to use Pinterest to become more relevant in the e-commerce industry, potentially putting them in a position to be a solid rival to Shopify.

Overall there is no doubt Pinterest will continue on the strong path it is on and for that reason it is a great stock to be watching into the future.


A mix of well known and established companies this week. A well known supermarket still in growth mode, a company which is popular behind the scenes in the payment industry and one which is working on the future of energy.

Square Inc

This company is quite well established and reported gross profits of $1.14 billion earlier this year. The reason for speculation is based upon what Square intends to do next and the answer seems to be a stronger focus on cryptocurrency.

Over the past year the stock is up around 48.96% and over the past 5 years up around 2,171.63%.

Square shows no signs of slowing down on innovation and disrupting more of the payment industry and its recent focus on cryptocurrency may put the company in a very strong position should / when cryptocurrency becomes even more relevant than it is today.

ITM Power

Up around 82.21% over the past year and an amazing 1,851.74% over the past 5 years. ITM Power is another great UK stock to be watching.

Recently the company has raised around £250 million and as a result the share price dropped a little but now seems to be back on the course of growth.

The company is still loss making but it is planning on building a new UK factory sometime soon and overall they seem to be gaining traction for a strong future ahead.


Over the last year to date the stock price of Ocado has fallen by around 19.76%, yet over the past 5 years it is up around 544.69%.

In recent times Ocado have had some difficulties such as a warehouse fire earlier this year which led to many orders getting cancelled. But overall the company is still growing despite reporting a loss of £126 million last year. Ocado has some big plans for the future and its quite fair to say this is a great UK growth stock to be watching while the share price is lower.

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