Apple attempts to halt antitrust orders in Epic Games trial

After losing their case, Apple are trying to temporarily pause antitrust orders against them – but Epic Games are opposing them
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On Friday, Apple Inc lodged efforts to temporarily halt their antitrust order given to them in a lengthy trial against Fortnite developers Epic Games. The appeal process for the trial is still ongoing.

Back in September, US Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers blasted several of Apple’s App Store rules, including preventing app developers to encourage and direct users to use other payment methods besides Apple’s integrated In-App Purchase system. The trial result represented a win for not only Epic Games but all app developers who are financially impacted because of Apple’s large commission fees.

The trial judge said that Apple has until December 9 to abide by the court injunction, but Apple said it will appeal the findings and now wishes to halt the injunction until the appeal process has finished, which could take a year to fully resolve.

Epic Games argues that Apple’s request to put the injunction on hold should be thrown out. They argue that Apple has not met the legal criteria to pause the injunction – which is that the company must show that temporarily complying with the order will cause irreversible damage.

Epic Games said:

“The public interest favours denying (Apple’s request); an injunction is the only path to effective relief….History shows…that in the absence of an injunction, Apple will not make any changes.”

The hearing for Apple’s request to delay the injunction is scheduled for November 9.

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