AirPods Pro repair program for quality issues has been extended

The repair program for AirPods Pro with quality issues has been extended by Apple.
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AirPods Pro

Some AirPods Pro devices made before October 2020 are known to have some quality issues.

Recently Apple has updated the policy for how long devices will be covered if they face these issues. The issues include:

  • Crackling or static sounds that increase in loud environments, with exercise or while talking on the phone.
  • Active Noise Cancellation not working as expected, such as a loss of bass sound, or an increase in background sounds, such as street or airplane noise.

Apple says the process for repairing affected devices requires having the AirPods Pro examined prior to replacement. It is possible for this to take place by:

  • Visiting an Authorised Apple Service Provider.
  • Making an appointment at an Apple Retail Store.
  • Contacting Apple Support.

AirPods Pro were originally released in 2019 and the repair program was introduced in October 2020. Now affected devices are covered for 3 years after the first retail sale of the device. This would mean even AirPods Pro purchased at launch will now be covered until October 2022.

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