Top stocks to watch this week: 11/10/2021

These are our weekly picks for the top stocks to be watching over the week commencing 11/10/2021.
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A well known company which has faced some challenges during the pandemic, but some of its business was well positioned thanks to a streaming service and now they are in a strong position for a comeback overall.

Walt Disney

Disney has not had it easy recently since the pandemic has caused issues for some of its business activity. The company however has one of its newer services which has faired well, that is Disney+, the streaming service from Disney.

The service has had some incredibly popular shows already such as the Mandalorian and there is no doubt Disney will release other popular shows on the service in the future too. The service has also allowed users to pay a premium to watch Disney movies online while they are in cinema, for example Black Widow. However, the lead actress Scarlett Johansson has been involved in a lawsuit with Disney over its decision to let users pay to stream the movie, arguing she could lose millions of dollars by viewers opting to stream instead of visiting the cinema to see the movie. Black Widow is now also available on Disney+ to all subscribers without a premium.

The CEO of Disney has recently said not to expect any dividend from the company anytime soon, but since rules are starting to be relaxed from the pandemic, Disney can start gaining more income from their parks once again.


These two companies are quite established, however both have been known to be sometimes volatile due to the industries they are in. With the recent energy market crisis, a giant in the field has had some problems, but may be well positioned to come back stronger as well as a much loved company in the automotive industry that just keeps on impressing.


This company has been at the centre of attention for quite some time now, partly due to Elon Musk. But Tesla is really doing amazing things, as the company showed in its recent results.

Tesla delivered more than 241,000 vehicles in Q3, up around 20% to the previous quarter and up considerably more compared to last year. Also the Tesla Model 3 was the UK’s most popular car in September. Without a doubt Tesla is becoming a very popular car brand and it has some incredible customer satisfaction.

Tesla has had its fair share of interesting moments, such as when it announced it would be buying Bitcoin and also accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for its cars. The company appears to not be afraid of taking risks, but this does not seem to be a bad thing. Tesla produces incredible products and if they are interested in furthering the adoption of other technologies such as cryptocurrencies then that is great and furthermore it is without a doubt that Tesla will continue to gain more market share thanks to its very popular well loved cars.

Royal Dutch Shell

Recently it has been a tough time in the energy market, in the UK many people have been ‘panic buying’ fuel for their cars which in turn has led to a shortage of the substance. Oil prices have also been increasing to 7 year highs in the US too and some predict the price may keep climbing for a little while longer.

Royal Dutch Shell is a huge company in the industry and they recently said the soaring of prices for natural gas and electricity prices will have a significant impact on its Q3 revenue, however this is to be expected under the circumstances.

While the situation in this industry is volatile for many reasons, not just the ongoing problems but also the strong push towards renewable energy, Shell may well be in a good position to recover from this strongly. Shell is the worlds top seller of liquefied natural gas, but also they recognise the importance of renewable energy and they have proved they are working towards it, for example: all electricity from Shell Energy Retail comes from 100% renewable sources.

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