Telegram gains 70 million new users after the Facebook outage

Following the recent Facebook outage, 70 million people who used Facebook services have turned to Telegram.
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Facebook is huge, there is no denying that. Theres more to Facebook then just Facebook – the company also owns Whatsapp and Instagram. Since taking over these companies Facebook has integrated them deeply into Facebook services, meaning the outage took everything down.

Across Facebook services there are millions, if not billions of active daily users, none of which could use any Facebook service during its recent downtime. The cause was apparenly a “faulty configuration change”, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologising for the downtime.

Facebook may have lost millions of dollars in company value over the outage but one other service has stood to gain from Facebook’s misfortune: Telegram.

Telegram is a more privacy focused messaging app which has been gaining lots of popularity in recent times, more specificialy since Whatsapp started to talk about changing their privacy policy. The messaging service Signal, (which is even better for privacy than Telegram since everything is end-to-end encrypted) is also expected to have gained millions of users, although there is no exact figure.

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