Unlock with Apple Watch has been fixed in new iOS beta

iOS 15.1 Beta 2 appears to fix the issue for iPhone 13 users who were unable to use Unlock with Apple Watch, used to bypass Face ID while wearing a face mask.
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Due to COVID-19, it was difficult to unlock your iPhone with Face ID since face masks were made mandatory in public places. Unlocking your iPhone with Face ID rarely worked, and with the absence of Touch ID on newer iPhone generations, this became a major inconvenience. At the beginning of the pandemic Apple introduced a new feature called Unlock with Apple Watch, which allows users with an unlocked Apple Watch to bypass the Face ID check and unlock their iPhone.

However, on the latest iPhone 13 models this feature has not been working for some users. Users have been unable to unlock their iPhone while wearing a face mask, unless they enter their passcode.

With the latest iOS 15.1 beta 2, Apple appears to have fixed this issue. Apple did confirm some days ago that they were working on this fix.

The release date for iOS 15.1 has not been announced, however, it will likely not be too far away. iOS 15.1 will also reintroduce SharePlay which was removed from the launch version of iOS 15.

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