Market Roundup: September 13 to September 17 2021

Catch up with the stocks that have made the biggest moves this week.
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Wise Plc. (£WISE)

Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) has had big gains over the past week, up 6.6% (£0.68). The UK-based fintech company, who specialise in international and cross-border money payments is seeing increasing optimism from financial analysts, with SeekingAlpha adopting a ‘sustainable growth’ outlook for Wise. Wise only had its IPO on July 7th of this year, at a price of £8.80. Wise currently sits at a price of £10.93, an increase of 24% (£2.13).

Seraphim Space Investment Trust Plc. (£SSIT)

Seraphim Space Investment Trust Plc. has seen slight increases on its share price in the past week, up almost 3% (£0.04). Their share price currently sits at £1.23, up from £1.02 when £SSIT made its IPO on July 14th. Seraphim has seen an increase of 21p per share (20.5%) since its IPO, which may be attributable to the fact that Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully sent four civilians into orbit to conduct scientific research. The feat was the first ever time an all-civilian crew had conducted a spaceflight, making intergalactic history. You can read more about SpaceX’s mission here:

Amazon Inc. ($AMZN)

The tech giant has seen a rocky week, after its share price climbed $30, for then to reduce its gains to $5 in the last few days of trading. Overall, for the past week, Amazon has finished the week with a small 0.15% gain ($5.35), compared to its impressive month which saw gains of almost 9% ($274). Amazon Inc. currently is adding more sponsored content into its search results engine, and competing vendors are paying higher prices to have their products at the top of results.

Snowflake Inc. ($SNOW)

The major Cloud technology company has seen a rollercoaster past few days, after shares of Snowflake surged on the last day, before a sharp drop again just before trading closed. The week started with a sharp drop from Snowflake, dropping from $318 to $309, before then recovering to stabilise at around $320-$330. The share price then spiked to around $327 and closed the week at $322. It could be the case that Snowflake has been caught up in the September volatility that many equity stocks are currently facing. This is forcing many investors to make tactical and cautious decisions over where to put their money.

Borussia Dortmund (€BVB)

Shares of Borussia Dotrmund (who manage the football club based in Germany) started the week off stable but then dropped a sharp 8.8% on the 16th September after it was revealed by various UK newspapers that English club Manchester United are still ahead to sign Dortmund’s star youngster Jude Bellingham. Liverpool were the first club interested in Bellingham, but later Man City and Man United both joined the race to sign him. Shares of the club currently trade at €5.487, which is approximately €0.50 from this time last week.

Palantir Technologies Inc. ($PLTR)

Shares of Palantir Technologies Inc. have had a sharp increase this week, after they announced a ambitious partnership with Wejo, a company that specialises in connected vehicle data. The partnership will aim to further research on smart city infrastructure for the automotive industry, ensuring better and safer driving experiences for all. Shares of Palantir have surged 9.4% (∼$2.50) over the past week, and if this partnership proves to be a success for both companies, shares could continue to rise.

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