New changes to travel rules in England

New changes to travel in England will see the green and and amber list be scrapped and Day 2 PCR tests replaced in October.
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During the summer England has had a traffic light system in place for travel. This saw countries places on green, amber and red lists where the rules were different for each list. Now with a new announcement this system is changing.

As part of an overhaul of this system, from the 4th of October (2021) the green and amber list will be scrapped and only the red list will remain. This leaves people looking to travel with a much clearer choice about where they can go, places they can travel to and places they can’t (without following strict red list rules).

For vaccinated people the pre-departure test for returning or entering the UK will also be scrapped.

Also, for vaccinated people, the Day 2 PCR test (after arrival in England) will be replaced with cheaper rapid lateral flow tests later in October.

In the final review before these changes, eight countries have been removed from the red list. These are: Turkey, Pakistan, the Maldives, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh and Kenya.

Overall these changes do make it more simple and cheaper to travel and as a result travel operators have said they’ve seen a surge in bookings.

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