Curve Credit has been rebranded to Curve Flex ahead of its launch

Curve Credit has been in beta for a little while, but now it is nearing its launch it has been rebranded to ‘Curve Flex’.
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Curve Flex

Curve is an app that allows you to link all your cards together in the Curve app and spend using only one card, the Curve card. They also offer well-known features such as ‘Go back in time’ which allows users to switch which card a transaction was made on.

Curve Credit is the first credit offering from Curve and has been in beta a little while. While in beta, Curve has offered instalment plans on periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months with 0% interest.

Curve announced yesterday (16th of September 2021) that they are launching ‘Curve Flex’. It is simply a rebrand of Curve Credit as it appears the credit product is nearing its launch. As of now Curve still has a waiting list users can sign up to, as was the case throughout the beta.

What else has changed:

Apart from the rebrand to Curve Flex, in general the offering seems to work the exact same – apart from one major change: the interest rate.

During beta, all Curve Credit instalment plans had no interest applied to them – even the 12-month instalment plans.

Curve has not made it clear what changes have been made regarding interest rates on instalment plans, but this is how it appears to be at the time of writing (17th of September 2021):

Now with Curve Flex, it appears Curve will be charging interest on all instalment plans, even the shortest 3-month plan. The Curve Flex waitlist page says:

13% APR Representative *Exclusions apply.

Apart from the change of name and what interest is charged the product as a whole seems unchanged from when Curve Credit was in beta.

Monzo Flex launched the same day

One of the most interesting parts about Curve’s decision to rebrand to Curve Flex is that on the exact same day, only hours earlier, Monzo launched their own similar product called ‘Monzo Flex’. In general, they are both extremely similar, apart from Monzo offers 0% interest on the 3-month instalment plans and only charges interest on longer plans.

It seems unclear as to why Curve decided to rebrand this product. It is easy to assume Curve are simply copying Monzo to take a share of the publicity from their product launch, but the reality is nobody really knows.

On Twitter Curve was asked by a user: “Did you guys literally just rename your product to try and rip off monzo? Get good at being you not ripping off other branding….”.

To which Curve replied with: “We wish we could redesign that fast!”.

Curve may have been planning to launch as ‘Curve Flex’ for some time, but it is hard to ignore the fact that merely hours after Monzo Flex was announced Curve rebranded ‘Credit’ to ‘Flex’.

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