Australia, U.K. and US unveil new Security and Defence Partnership

UK, US and Australia forces will form a new defence partnership in order to combat extremism and other global security threats, such as Afghanistan.
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The UK, US and Australia have announced a fresh new security and defence partnership in order to effectively combat global terrorism, extremism and other major security threats. The partnership was formed as part of the Integrated Review, in order to ‘deepen defence, security and foreign policy ties with like-minded allies across the globe.’

The partnership, nicknamed ‘AUKUS’, has been agreed by the leaders of its respective nations in order to ‘protect people and support a peaceful and rules-based international order’. The UK Government says the partnership also aims to increase and deepen ties in the Indo-Pacific territories with those who have common interests and values with Australia, the UK and US.

AUKUS will also further integrate and advance science, technology, supply chains and industrial bases relating to security and defence mechanisms. The first initiative under the AUKUS partnership will be a collaboration between nations on future nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy. The Government says this project aims to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific regions and promote their shared values and interests.

The partnership will create many jobs in science, technology and other high-tech sectors such as engineering in the UK. The Government is planning on driving investment in these sectors to accommodate the new international agreement.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said:

“The UK, Australia and US are natural allies – while we may be separated geographically, our interests and values are shared. The AUKUS alliance will bring us closer than ever, creating a new defence partnership and driving jobs and prosperity.”

“This partnership will become increasingly vital for defending our interests in the Indo-Pacific region and, by extension, protecting our people back at home.”

The Government has said that the partnership could not come at a more critical moment, as tensions continue to rise among the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. They invaded the nation’s capital, Kabul, in a matter of days to reassert their extremist values:

“As set out in the Integrated Review, the Indo-Pacific is at the centre of intensifying geopolitical competition with potential flashpoints including unresolved territorial disputes; to nuclear proliferation and miscalculation; to climate change and non-state threats from terrorism and Serious Organised Crime. It is on the frontline of new security challenges, including in cyberspace.”

A joint statement from the leaders of nations (UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President of the United States Joseph R. Biden and Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison) taking part in the partnership said that this was a further step in international collaboration in order to combat global security threats:

“The endeavour we launch today will help sustain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. For more than 70 years, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have worked together, along with other important allies and partners, to protect our shared values and promote security and prosperity. Today, with the formation of AUKUS, we recommit ourselves to this vision.”

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