Facebook’s new smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook have launched their first camera focused smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban called ‘Ray-Ban Stories’.
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Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook has launched their first smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The product is called ‘Ray-Ban Stories’, and are available now starting at $299 (£299 in the UK).

The smart glasses are most similar to the offering from Snapchat with their ‘Spectacles’. The glasses do not offer any form of display and functionality is limited mainly to the use of the cameras.

Here are the features on offer from the glasses:

Two 5-megapixel cameras on each side of the frame:

They can record videos for up to 30 seconds and take photos, this can be done using the buttons on the frame or hands-free with Facebook voice assistant.

Privacy indicator light:

The glasses include a light in the frame which will turn on whenever the user is recording a video or taking a photo, alerting others.

Open-ear speakers and microphone:

Ray-Ban Stories include open-ear speakers for listening to music and a three array microphone for phone calls.

Facebook claims the battery life will last up to three days – but that’s if you take advantage of the charging case. The battery life on the glasses themselves will last around six hours, but there have been reports from users that the reality is much less.

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