J.P.Morgan Chase will soon be launching its current account in the UK

The American bank J.P.Morgan Chase will soon be offering current accounts in the UK, rumoured for a mid September launch.
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It has been confirmed for quite some time now that J.P.Morgan Chase will be offering current accounts and potentially other banking services in the UK.

While J.P.Morgan have not confirmed any official launch date, according to someone with early access who contacted customer service, they were given a public release date of September 21st. This date does seem in line with when Chase is expected to launch.

The Chase UK app has recently began appearing on the Google Play store, although it only works for existing customers so far. Still, it is a strong signal that Chase will be launching in the UK soon.

Recently J.P.Morgan acquired Nutmeg, one of the largest digital wealth management platforms in the UK. The sale apparently cost J.P.Morgan around £700 million. This acquisition shows that alongside the Chase current account, J.P.Morgan may be interested in wealth management for the wider market also. It is still unclear if Nutmeg will remain a independent brand or if it will be rebranded into the Chase offering.

While it seems J.P.Morgan Chase current accounts are close to a public launch now, it is yet to be seen if they will offer anything different to the already competitive current account market in the UK.

Chase may lack the same brand recognition in the UK that it enjoys in the US, but this will be a new modern banking offering from an already established player (unlike Monzo and Starling) and that may appeal to many.

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