Clubhouse is rolling out spatial audio

Clubhouse is rolling out its own (separate from Apple’s version) of spatial audio, beginning on Apple devices and later coming to Android.
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Spatial audio, recently adopted by Apple Music services, is coming to the popular chatroom app Clubhouse. It allows audio to sound more real by creating a three-dimensional effect, almost like a virtual surround sound. But Clubhouse is using its own implementation, not the one from Apple. Clubhouse’s version does not include head tracking like the spatial audio from Apple, but the feature does appear to be similar overall.

The official spatial audio from Apple has been in use on Apple TV+ for some time now and recently Netflix began rolling out support for it.

Spatial audio is becoming more and more popular with services that include audio, despite many not adopting Apple’s version of the feature. Clubhouse has said support on Android is coming soon.

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