iCloud+ custom email domain support is now available

iCloud+ custom email domain support is now available from the iCloud beta website.
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iCloud+, the new rebranding of paid iCloud plans, is launching alongside iOS 15. One of the new features which is included with iCloud+ is the support of custom domains for use with iCloud Email.

Until now it was only possible to create iCloud email accounts using an @icloud.com address, but now users can bring any domain they own to iCloud and use that. Users can also share the domain with family sharing or keep it to themselves.

To start using this today you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit beta.icloud.com and log in with your Apple ID.

  2. Go to the settings page.

  3. Two new sections have appeared on this page. These are: Hide My Email and Custom Email Aliases. You will need to click ‘Use Custom Email Aliases’.

  4. On this popup, you simply add the domain you wish to use (you must own the domain and have access to change DNS settings).

  5. Follow the steps for changing the DNS records to the records that Apple provides.

You can add up to three different aliases per user per domain, up to a limit of 5 different custom domains.

While this service is in beta (for now) it does seem to work as expected. Custom domain support is a hugely requested and welcome addition to the iCloud offering. The majority of users may not have a custom domain, but some of those that do have custom domains may appreciate this new offering from Apple (mainly for simplicity and pricing reasons).

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