YouTube now allows picture-in-picture on iPhone – but only with YouTube Premium

YouTube is testing picture-in-picture support on iOS devices in a limited-time experiment for YouTube Premium subscribers.
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YouTube now allows users to select the picture-in-picture feature on iOS. The feature has been available for most video-based applications on iOS for quite some time now, but it has only just arrived for YouTube.

To use the feature users must visit while logged in. Then go to the “Picture-in-picture on iOS” experiment and select “Try it out” – this will activate the feature on your account.

The next time you play a video from the YouTube application and swipe up out of the app, the video will continue to play in picture-in-picture mode. The video can also be controlled from the Lock Screen.

The feature is only available until October the 31st (2021). It is unclear why there is a deadline for using this feature, but it seems this may just be a test before rolling out the feature later on to all users. YouTube originally announced the feature would be coming to iOS back in June. The only major catch is: you need a YouTube Premium subscription, at least until the wider rollout after the 31st of October.

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