Facebook is launching the open beta of Horizon Workrooms

Facebook is launching an open beta of Horizon Workrooms, a VR solution to working from home intended to replace or go alongside video calls.
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Horizon Workrooms

From today the open beta of Horizon Workrooms is available for free on Oculus Quest 2. Horizon Workrooms is the solution from Facebook to working from home and collaborating with others.

Facebook believes VR is part of the answer to collaborating with others at home and Horizon Workrooms aim to achieve this.

The new service is feature-packed and seems to have lots of potential. Some of the features that are included with Horizon Workrooms are:

Bring your desk, computer and keyboard into VR.

  • Avatars and spatial audio.
  • Virtual whiteboard.
  • Virtual room configuration.
  • Join the VR meeting via video call (if you don’t have a VR headset).
  • Use of hands is supported.
  • Meeting notes, file sharing, calendar integration and chat available.

Horizon Workrooms Keyboard
Photo By: Horizon Workrooms Keyboard

It is yet to be seen how popular this may become, but if the service is perfected and continues to be worked upon it may have at least some uptake. However, in general, VR has not yet quite taken off as well as some may have hoped, but services like these do certainly keep pushing VR forward.

The beta of Horizon Workrooms can be installed now from the Oculus Store.

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