iCloud Keychain Passwords can now be managed on Windows

Apple is bringing iCloud Keychain password management to Windows, in addition to its recently introduced Chrome extension.
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For quite a long time, users storing their passwords in iCloud Keychain have only been able to access their logins via Apple devices. Recently this began to change when Apple released a Chrome extension to allow users to auto-fill their iCloud Keychain logins. Now it is going a step further: users are able to manage all their logins stored on iCloud from the iCloud Windows application.

With update 12.5 for iCloud for Windows, it brings the new ability to view and manage passwords stored in iCloud Keychain. The whole rollout of iCloud passwords has been quite unreliable. The initial Chrome extension didn’t always work perfectly and occasionally had some issues, but it would appear everything is improving now. The application and extension also work with the new Chrome-based Edge browser from Microsoft.

Apple generally hasn’t released much of its software for Windows. In the past, Apple did develop Safari for Windows but later killed it, and now iTunes and iCloud are among the only software developed for Windows by Apple. However, it would appear this move is an attempt to position iCloud Keychain as a viable alternative to other password managers such as 1Password. Previously the lack of cross-platform support from iCloud has kept some users away from using it as their primary password manager. But also with iOS 15, Apple is introducing 2FA management through iCloud Keychain, yet further signs they are taking their password manager seriously.

Apple has a great and clear strategy for making online security simple for its users. Along with these latest improvements for iCloud Keychain, Apple is also introducing iCloud+ which comes with a feature called ‘Hide my email’. It allows users to generate a new @icloud.com email for anything they wish to, further protecting privacy and security online.

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