1Password 8 revealed for Mac

1Password brings a new update for Mac users, featuring a design overhaul, faster performance and next generation features.
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1Password 8 On Mac

1Password has long been a popular choice among users in the Apple ecosystem. It is a more powerful alternative to iCloud Keychain, yet it still feels at home on Apple devices. Another reason users may opt to use 1Password over Apple’s own solution is cross platform support, however recently Apple has launched a Chrome extention for iCloud Keychain on Windows.

Recently 1Password launched a new Linux application and not long after 1Password 8 for Windows, and now they have revealed the new update for Mac also.

The new design helps make everything more simple and easier to see, for example it is now clearer to see which vaults are shared or private as well as making it easier to see who vault items are being shared with.

Aside from design updates, which now includes a dark mode, 1Password 8 brings a more powerful search capability which makes it easier to find what you need with a brand new feature called Quick Find which lets you find items, vaults and tags.

Watchtower is also a well known feature of 1Password which has been updated further. It has a new cleaner layout to show your security vulnerabilities much easier and this goes hand in hand with the new item editing. Watchtower can now take you right to the item that needs some changing in your vault, where you will find a new password generator, smart suggestions and a more simple file attachments feature.

As always 1Password can still fillout logins, payment infomation and forms on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge and it also features a newly redesigned suggested passwords and save window UI.

Design and upgraded features are not all with this update however. 1Password 8 is now built in Rust, which is not a visible change, but it will without a doubt improve performance. Further, this all comes with native support with Apple Silicon.

1Password still secures your vault items using end-to-end encryption so only you can access your data. But now they allow (for Business or Family customers) you to give access to a specific person the ability to recover your account.

Overall 1Password 8 is a great new update, featuring a fantastic design overhaul, new features and perfornace improvements, all of which make 1Password feel more at home on the latest Mac models and its operating system, macOS Monterey.

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