UK Carriers are reintroducing roaming charges

Prior to Brexit, all carriers confirmed they would not reintroduce roaming charges, but recently many of them are starting to add roaming charges again.
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It wasn’t so long ago that most mobile operators in the UK confirmed they would not reintroduce roaming charges again post Brexit. However, many operators have reversed their decision and have begun to confirm they will actually bring roaming charges back.

Not all networks will charge an outright roaming charge – some networks will offer an initial fair use limit before any charges are applied.

Here are all the networks reintroducing the charge:


O2 have an initial limit of 25GB before any charges are applied, after which they will charge £3.50 per GB used. They do not charge an outright fee to access data.

O2 also offers its ‘O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On’ with certain plans which allow you to roam to 75 destinations at no extra cost (with a fair use policy).


Starting in January 2022, EE will be making changes to customers roaming abroad. However, this only applies to customers who join or upgrade contracts after the 7th of July 2021.

For customers with EE there will be a flat £2 a day charge to access plan allowances in 47 European destinations. However, customers with a plan including the EE ‘Roam Further’ pass will not have to pay this charge. EE will also sell 30-day addons which will allow customers to use their plan without the £2 a day charge.


Similar to O2, Three will allow customers to use data with a fair use limit before charging.

The network will allow customers to use 12GB of data when roaming, reduced from the previous 20GB that was available.


Vodafone was the latest network to announce its plans. Customers on plans which do not include roaming in Europe will be charged £2 per day to use their monthly allowance (up to a fair use limit of 25GB). They will also offer multi-day passes for 8 or 15 days, which will make the cost cheaper.

Overall it seems most networks are at least including roaming in some plans (even if these plans are more expensive), otherwise roaming charges are returning, despite all the mentioned networks initially saying roaming charges would not be reintroduced.

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