New ‘The Grand Tour’ special arrives on Amazon Prime Video

The infamous trio are back for more hilarious mishaps in the latest Grand Tour special.
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The iconic trio of motor enthusiasts are back for a new ‘The Grand Tour’ special dubbed ‘Lochdown’. The featured special is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video included with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Jeremy Clarkson revealed in the final episode of Season 3 of the hit show that they will no longer be producing regular episodes with a live audience, and instead will revert to making featured length specials for the foreseeable future.

The show diverged from its traditional four wheel adventures in a previous special, called ‘Seamen’, where the infamous three (Clarkson, May and Hammond) swapped supercars for boats in an attempt to traverse the waters of Cambodia and Vietnam.

The new Lochdown special sees the three drive across the stunning landscapes of Scotland in 1970s American cars – Clarkson armed with a Lincoln Continental, May with a Cadillac Coupe de Ville and Hammond sporting a Buick Riviera. They seek to investigate why these 1970s cars never became popular in Britain, as well as evaluating their pros and cons as usual. The trio face many challenges and mishaps in their journey across the Scottish countryside, and prepare to expect the occasional prank or insult thrown in there too.

Clarkson, May and Hammond endeavour to get to the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, where Mr Wilman has built a town for American car enthusiasts.

The new special has been met with criticism from popular newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times, with The Guardian dubbing the show a ‘spike in support for Scottish independence’.

Tune into the new special exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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