First Amazon Fresh store opens in UK

The first Amazon Fresh store opens in UK, also the first to launch outside the US.
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Amazon has opened its first no-till grocery store in the UK, it is also the first to launch outside of the US. Shoppers scan a QR code from the Amazon app when entering and are charged for what they take automatically after leaving, no tills, just grab and go.

Amazon launched the first store of its kind back in 2016 located in Seattle under the US brand Amazon Go, it has since launched many more across the US before now expanding into the UK.

This first store is located in Ealing, west London. It does appear Amazon won’t be stopping at just one store however, they have plans to open more in the UK and it seems most will be located in London also.

The store is open from 7am to 11pm and open every day.

While other supermarkets in the UK have tried other methods, such as allowing you to scan as you shop on your smartphone, no other store has introduced anything quite as advanced as what Amazon has done here.

The store will also have around five staff in the store at any time to restock items and help customers should they need any help.

At the current time due to COVID-19, the store allows a maximum of 20 people inside at any one time for social distancing reasons, the store also provides face masks and disposable gloves.

How it works

To enter the store you, first of all, need an Amazon account, this allows you to have a QR code which you can scan to enter the Amazon Fresh store, once you are inside there is nothing else you need to do, apart from picking up what you need of course.

Amazon Fresh How it works
Photo By: Amazon Fresh How it works

While you are walking around the store there are many cameras, depth-sensors combined with artificial intelligence software which is used to track the shopper and what items they are taking. These stores do not use facial recognition, the only way of identifying shoppers is via the QR code scanned to enter the store and any data collected about a customer in-store will only be associated with the customer’s Amazon account for up to 30 days.

All shoppers need to do is take what they want and walk out. After leaving a receipt will be sent to the email on the linked Amazon account and the linked card will also be charged.

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